My name is David Lowrie. I am happily married to Robyn. We have four wonderful daughters, two strong and courageous son-in-laws, along with two amazing grandchildren.

Currently I am pastor of the First Baptist Church of Decatur, Texas.

You can check out our ministry at http://www.firstdecatur.us

I graduated from Baylor University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Bethel University. I have a doctor of ministry degree. My thesis project was entitled “nurturing and maintaining corporate unity in a multi-congregational church”. I enjoy studying and reading in the areas of leadership and management.

My hobbies include golf, running, reading, live sporting events, and watching “chick flicks” with my girls.

11 responses to “About

  1. Rick,

    I am not sure what you are asking. Are you asking for my website address?

    http://www.loveandlead.wordpress.com ?

    I would be glad to provide whatever you need.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Matt Lee


    Nice to see you on the web. I enjoy your posts. The best to your family from Wisconsin (Go Packers!). I just started a blog about Northwest you may find interesting (http://northwestchurchworship.blogspot.com/).

  3. Hello David,
    Did you know there is a national Campaign for Love & Forgiveness? You and your readers can check out the Web site here:


    There are resources, daily practices, even an online forgiveness ritual for those who need to let go of a burden or hurt they’ve been carrying around. Take a look if you get a chance.

  4. David,

    You might vaguely remember me. I went to seminary with you in the early ’80s. I lost track of you after you went to Mabank. I was then in Carthage, TX.

    I am writing to reconnect, wish you well in your election to the BGCT, and since you offered resources, ask a favor.

    If I could vote for you I would. I am currently sr. pastor at FBC, Sulphur, LA. I have often quoted you when I was in Texas when the SBT was in the upstart process. You wrote the Baptist Standard with words to the effect that “I feel like a child lying on his bed in his room listening to his parents discuss divorce.” You captured the feeling well.

    My favor, since I saw your resume tonight, is to ask for a copy of the plan, strategy, or philosophy you used to unite congregations divided over worship style. Our church is over 100 years old and located downtown. Over the years, it has plateaued and we have made some changes in worship- even once going to two services- with mixed results.

    Any insight or counsel you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am interested in how you were able to keep the older folks on board while reaching the younger ones.

    BTW, how’s Uncle Dwight? I haven’t spoken with him in years.

    Thanking you in advance,
    David Holder

  5. Courtney n Taylor Oliver

    So excited to follow you on your blog!!!

  6. JD & Kay Swinford

    Hi – Happy Birthday. You are daily in our prayers. Merry Christmas.

  7. Pastor Elias C. Ortiz

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    Soy, sobrino de Leonardo Ortiz, uno de los que estuvieron y participaron en la formacion de La Convencion Bautista Mexicana de Tejas. Estoy jubilado, pero deseo seguir sirviendo a NSJ hasta que el venga o me llame a Su precensia. Naci en Uvalde. Tengo 42 años de estar deleitandome, predicando y discipulando en El Evangelio de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Interesados, me pueden contactar al: Celular 616-881-2751.

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