Imagine an Angel on a Mission to Nazareth (Sermon Excerpt)

I want to challenge us to use our imaginations for a good and holy purpose. I want the Holy Spirit of God to transport us to a world beyond our wildest dreams—the full color world of the presence of God in the heavens. I want to take you to a courtyard just outside the throne room of God Himself where the highest ranking angels in the Kingdom wait orders from on high.

Let’s go back say some two thousand years, just months before the deployment of Jesus to planet earth. Yes, you heard me right, I believe the Bible teaches that Jesus was “deployed”—He was sent into battle—when He was conceived in the womb of Mary—God invaded His own creation to take it back. Jesus came on a rescue mission—if they entitled them back in those days in the war room of heaven I suspect it was called “Operation Christmas Hope”—this suicide mission was the last hope of the world and God knew it—and Jesus willingly chose to do it.

Back to the courtyard, Gabriel has just stepped out of the throne room with an ashen look on his face. Michael, one of the mightiest and fiercest angelic warriors of all, sees him and begins walking with him. Michael opens the conversation saying, “Hey Gab, what wrong? You look like you just wrestled with death itself.”

Gabriel shook his head, and said, “It’s happening, Jesus is being deployed.” Michael smiled and clapped his hands exclaiming: “Finally, how many squadrons of angels are we deploying—do I need to go call together the commanders?” “No” Gabriel shouted, “He is going alone.” “What do you mean it is going alone?” inquired Michael adding “He cannot take that risk—he cannot go down there by himself. Does he not understand how evil those people are—does he not realize they will kill him.”

Gabriel stops with a stunned look on his face, “That’s exactly it…Jesus is going down there to be killed—murdered—executed–on  a cross as a human being.” There is a long silence, Michael scratches and head and then his chin, “I don’t understand. Does the Father know this? There has to be something wrong.”

“Yes, He knows—the Father is the one sending him, and Jesus volunteered to go” replied Gabriel. “The only hope for the salvation of the planet and the people rides on this mission” he continues. “So where are you going now?” inquires Michael.

“I am going to Nazareth?” answers Gabriel. “Where in the world is Nazareth?” quizzes Michael. “Nazareth sits out in the middle of nowhere in the backwaters of Galilee” answered Gabriel. “Why Nazareth?” asked Michael. “Jesus’ mother will be from there?” Gabriel responded. “Jesus’ mother?” interjected Michael—at this point Gabriel put his arm around Michael and said, “Walk with me—I’m in a hurry, but I will give you the details on the way.” Two stunned and amazed angel walk away together trying to get their minds around the impossible—God sending His one and only Son into the world to save us from ourselves—to save us from our sins.

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