Sermon Excerpt: A Glimpse of Heaven

Let me close by taking you on a walk in heaven. Do you ever think about heaven and life after death? In the book of Revelation, John had a glimpse of heaven and talked about streets of gold. Can you imagine a world where the treasure we hoard called gold was used for pavement?

I believe the magic and wonder of heaven has little to do with the size of your mansion or streets of gold, but it has to do with who is there. Each year heaven gets just a little bit sweeter than the year before. In heaven this morning is a grandfather who was called “Powder” because of his head of white hair—it was a nickname of respect and love in those deep mountain woods of East Tennessee. In heaven today is my best friend Bill Wright, and my good friend Chris Powers who inspired me to see the wonder of the gifts and talents God placed in my life. In heaven this morning is Linda who worked alongside me the last two years, and Siegfried who challenged me to think deeper and broader. I must confess this was a mistake in a way because my welcoming party of friends in heaven is a mile long. Over the course of thirty-one years of ministry, God has surrounded me with a hall of fame of believers who have helped me to be who I am today.

Now imagine your first day in glory, and the wonder and staggering majesty of standing in the presence of our Lord, can you picture yourself taking your first stroll through heaven. You are walking along—practically floating along with your mouth wide open and the grandeur of it all when suddenly you heard a familiar voice calling your name. You turn and look and you see Jim, or Jose, Judy or Sarah. You see your co-worker, sister, teammate, neighbor, or friend running toward you. Quickly you embrace, and hold each other tight. Then your friends steps back and smiles and says “thank you.” You reply “thank you for what?” You see you don’t remember it like they do, but your loved one says, “Thank you for sharing Jesus with me.” Then it hits you. Then you remember the night you invited them to come over to your house to watch the video. I know you are not suppose to cry in heaven, but a tear creases your cheek as you reflect on that amazing moment when God used you to change the life of one of your friends.

Let’s make this dream come true.


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