Rain, Rain Go Away

“Rain, rain go away…please come back another day” stands out as a children’s saying you practically never hear in El Paso. In a city where people use umbrellas more to protect them from the sun than the rain, when it rains. I mean really rains like a “gully washer” as hillbillies used to say up in the Smoky Mountains where my daddy grew up people look out the window in awe saying, “So that is what rain looks like.”

I love the story of the old West Texas rancher who reported to an outsider that his ranch only received eight inches of rain a year saying, “Boy but you want to be here the day it comes!”This week I-10 look more like the mighty Mississippi than an interstate highway, and the streets running down off the mountain were transformed into raging mountain streams missing on the trout. It was a glorious day if your roof did not leak!

There is nothing in life like the fresh smell of the country side after a long steady rain and the beauty it brings as the grass grows and the flowers bud. During the dry hot dusty days of summer a dark rain cloud on the horizon brings hope and so does the LORD.

The Old Testament prophet Hosea who knew a great deal about dry dusty days used the imagery of the coming rains to bring hope to a people thirst for hope and change. Hosea, the prophet, who God used as an example to his friends and neighbors when his wife turned out to be a prostitute knew more than his share about heart break and humiliation. He knew the aching pain of a fractured home and broken heart.

Hosea came to realize that often times those dark days lead to hope and change. The heart that is broken by sin can be healed and pieced back together by the touch of the nail-scarred hand of our LORD. I love his picturesque language in this statement:

“So let us know, let us press on to know the LORD. His going forth is as certain as the dawn; And He will come to us like the rain,
Like the spring rain watering the earth.” Hosea 6:3 (NASB)

His invitation to “press on” encourages me not to give up or give in. Our LORD’s coming to us is as sure as the sun coming up morning over East El Paso.

Hosea promises the seeker that “He will come to us like the rain.” There may be dry spells in your journey, but don’t give up rather look up. As the hymn writer so aptly said, “There shall be showers of blessings.”

So enjoy the rainy days and let the smell of rain in the air remind you of the goodness and faithfulness of our LORD.

Tennis Shoe Sunday!

Let me remind you to wear your tennis shoes on Sunday and most importantly bring a pair of tennis shoes for our “Shoes for Orphan’s Souls” Drive. Our collection closet is about a foot deep in shoes, but our world is filled with barefoot boys and girls who need a new pair of shoes to brighten up their day and to help them get off on the right foot.

We will also hear reports from all three of our Summer Mission Teams Sunday morning you will not want to miss this special time of celebration!

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