Is Jesus Still the Answer?

Do you remember the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy-three? For those of us with traces of gray in our hair we can vividly remember those days, but for a younger generation coming of age among us it is only distant history covered briefly in a boring history class.

1973 stands out as one of those years that shaped the human story dramatically, especially in the United States. In 1973 a battered generation of young American warriors returned from battle not to ticker taped parades but to a divided nation. A peace treaty was signed between the warring factions in Vietnam, but the American soldier returned home with the bitter taste of death in his or her mouth. Their minds were haunted by the huge question of why 49,000 of their comrades bled and died in the jungles of Vietnam. Was it worth it? Why did we fight there?

I can still remember as a child watching the list of fallen soldiers scroll down the television screen during the evening news as our nation watched a generation of its finest fight and die in its struggle against the advance of Communism. Still to this day those haunting memories touch the soul of our nation.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C. the Senate began hearings on the activities of President Nixon and his men in the Watergate Hotel during the previous election. Soon Watergate would be on the lips of practically every American and President Nixon wished he never owned a tape recorder as the “Watergate Tapes” revealed the dark side of American politics. When it was all said and done, President Nixon resigned in disgrace, and the American presidency has never been the same.

Meanwhile down the street, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the ground breaking case of Roe vs. Wade, and our highest court struggled with the issues of a woman’s right to choose and the sanctity of life. The Court’s ruling legalized abortion and our nation has never been the same as we have struggled with repercussions of this landmark decision.

In the Middle East, Egypt and Syria teamed up and attacked Israel in what came to be called the Yom Kippur War. Tanks and soldiers squared off in a life and death struggle for the existence of the Jewish state.

As the world crept closer and closer to chaos, Andrea Crouch and his twin sister Sandra sat down at the piano, as he picked out a tune to some lyrics God had impressed on their hearts and souls. They sang, “Jesus is the answer for the world today—above Him there’s no other—Jesus is the way. Jesus is the answer for the world today—above Him there’s no other—Jesus is the way.”

Into the darkness their song spread like an anthem of hope as a young generation sang out with all their hearts to a world lost and dying “Jesus is the answer.”

Strangely our world is not so much different some forty years later. A generation of young American warriors are returning from battle, Washington is still divided, and the Middle East is still aflame. Just like then it is still true today—Jesus is the answer for the world today! Believe it. Sing it. Live it.


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