Lee Moor Stampede

On your mark, get set, go, and the runners were off. The first wave took off like deer scampering across the open plains while the rest of the runners followed like a slow moving winding river. After the first mile of the” Lee & Beulah Moor 11th Annual Run/Walk for Families in Crisis” at Sunland Park on Saturday, June 1st the ranks began to thin. At the two mile mark a few of the faithful slowed to a jog and even a handful began to walk with labored breathing.

At the finish line bands played, cheerleaders shouted encouragement for the runners to finish, and the finish line loomed huge in the distance. There is nothing like the feeling of finishing the race no matter where you in the standings—because it is finally over. For the First Baptist Church team the finish line crowned seven winners among a team of winners.

Last Saturday, the First Baptist Church team of runners and walkers fifty-six strong under the leadership and organization of our team captains Chuck and Priscilla Myers won a huge trophy for being the largest team at the fund raising event that helps to undergird and support the ministry of the Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home.

In addition to being the largest team, Team FBC was also the most decorated with seven members winning metals for their age groups. Since my wife Robyn was one of the winners, I will reframe from revealing the ages, but the winners were Chuck Myers, David Vidales, Rebecca Page, Dana Davis, Shawn Kelley, David Valle, and Robyn Lowrie.

I want to congratulate one and all for their involvement. Those of us who participated on this beautiful June morning had a great time for a great cause.

The Lee & Beulah Moor Children’s Home has always held a special place in the heart of First Baptist Church because our own Madge Watson served as the director of the home for many years. In recent years this relationship has been renewed by the visionary ministry of Dan McGlasson and our student ministry team that has reached out intentionally to the children of the home week in and week out.

Twice a month somewhere between twenty-five to forty of the children, youth and house parents of the home attend our Sunday morning worship services. Many of the youth from the home participate in practically every aspect of the life of our youth ministry from camps to mission trips. This relationship with the children and youth of the children’s home is one of the most important partnerships of our church in El Paso. I was thrilled to see our church turn out in force to show how much we love and care for these children, besides it was a lot of fun!

Making a difference in the life of a child means the world to Jesus. In fact He said:

“Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me…” (Matthew 18:5 NIV)

The Team FBC made us all proud at the Lee & Beulah Moor Run/Walk not so much for all the metals won, nor the trophy. No, they made us proud because they took the love of Jesus outside the stained glass windows of our church and gave of their time and treasures for a great cause—touching the lives of children in the name of Jesus!

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