First Grade Bibles

Sunday I have the honor of presenting new Bibles to our class of first graders in our Sunday School. I wish you could have seen the look of amazement and joy as each little boy and girl took the Word of God into their hands. Little did they understand what a powerful moment this was in their lives—a cross roads placing before them the path of light and life.

The Psalmist in Psalm 119:105 wrote:

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path.”

In an ancient world where darkness ruled the night, and glow of the modern city awaited centuries away. The Psalmist aptly compared the Scriptures to a lamp carried by a wanderer on a dark moonless night. He noted its impact to be like the light that illuminated his path with each step into the impending darkness.

Those who have grown and matured to the point of knowing and loving the Word of God know exactly what the Psalmist so powerfully put into verse. The Bible unlike any other book penned by human hands pulls backs the mystery of life and reveals the wonders of God’s grace and goodness blended into the story of the struggles, sin, and desperation of the human race.

This week a friend of mine passed on these insightful observations by David Jeremiah who said about the Bible:

“In the Bible we have the mind of God revealed; the state of man disclosed; the problems of life described; and the mysteries of Eternity explained.”

I must confess my journey of sanctification and life change began in earnest when I began to read and study the Word of God with a hunger and thirst for righteousness—with a longing for more. I grew up in a pastor’s home so my life found its rhythms in the life of the church—Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night I did my duty, but my heart though saved remained seemingly unchanged.

I vividly remember looking into the mirror one night saying to the myself—“there has to be more.” Though outwardly I played the part of Christian young man with the skill of an Oscar nominated actor; inwardly in my heart of hearts I knew I was doing nothing more than going through the motions. Something had to give. Something had to change, or I would be destined for a life of “quiet desperation” and my “song would die within me” as Henry David Thoreau noted of so many in days gone by.

I can remember it as yesterday, when I determined in my heart to give God one last chance and to open my heart daily to the mysterious power of the Word of God. The journey I began that night was far from simply a commitment to a “daily quiet time”—I came to the Bible desperate and hungry. I needed help.

Decades later as I look back, I realize I too did not understand the mysterious power I held in my hand when I took up the Word of God. Even to this day, I cannot fully articulate how God uses His Word to speak into my life and to drive back the darkness.

I hope and pray sometime today you too will open the Good Book and listen closely for the voice of God calling to you to follow—He will lead you on a journey you will never regret.



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2 responses to “First Grade Bibles

  1. This is one of the best ministries of our Church; for these precious children to receive the “gift of life” from their Pastor!

  2. Reblogged this on My French Quest and commented:
    This is one of the best ministries of our Church: to give these precious children the “gift of life” from their Pastor!

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