His Vision, Our Prayer: The Salt of the Earth

Monday, October 8

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” (Matt 5:13 NIV)

 Lord Jesus, scatter us like salt into our society to stave off decay and to flavor our world with the taste of Your grace and Your Kingdom.

In the days of Jesus salt was used much more as a preservative than a flavor enhancer. Long before “ice boxes” and refrigerators if meat was to be kept edible away from decay salt was rubbed deep into its pores. For salt to do its work it had to be forced into the very host it was meant to preserve.

As followers of Jesus if we have any hope of making a difference in our world it will not be behind stained glass windows. Only as we permeate the world around us do we have any hopes of making a positive difference in our world. As we pray moving up to the election, I believe God is calling us to be the “change we can believe in.” President Obama’s slogan has a wonderful kick to it, but slogans will not win the day. We must move beyond intentions to actions.

Pray that the LORD will compel His people to get outside the walls of their sanctuaries and get their hands dirty and their hearts broken. We need to laugh with those who laugh. Cry with those who cry. Share life with all. We need to preach the gospel–the “good news”. We need to be “the gospel.”

Historian Stephen Ambrose noted that during WWII that if someone saw a dozen young American soldiers entering their village they knew deep in their hearts that this meant good news. Unlike soldiers from other countries who were known for exploitation and violence, the American citizen soldier was known for his strength of character and his open backpack as they distributed candy to children and c-rations to the hungry. It is my prayer we will be like those brave young men who changed the face of the world. May we stand firm against evil and may our actions bring hope to others.

Be the salt of the earth today.


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