His Vision, Our Prayer: 40 Days Seeking His Kingdom (Day 2)

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”(Matt 5:3 NIV)
Lord Jesus, teach us to realize our need for You in our spiritual lives.Help us to understand that the Kingdom of God belongs to those who seek You as the source of life.
Jesus’ statement about the “poor in spirit” has been interpreted by the saints through the years in many ways. Without question the essence of the statement revolves around a whole new view of poverty. In Luke, Jesus placed this blessing on the “poor.”
In the Kingdom of God things are not as they appear. Through natural eyes the poor appear to be abandoned and neglected by God. Their plight robs them of the basic joys and necessities of life. Yet too often we are blinded by possessions. Too often what we own actually owns us.
Being “poor in spirit” calls on one to find joy and fulfillment in the LORD Himself rather that finding joy in His provisions alone. Our Father in heaven does not settle for giving us things rather than Himself. He gives us Himself in fulness then adds the stuff of life.
May we learn to value to wealth found in embracing our poverty of spirit to be satisfied only by the presence of the LORD and His Kingdom.

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