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His Vision, Our Prayer: 40 Days Seeking His Kingdom (Day 1)

September 28 marks just 40 days before the voters of the United States go to the polls to elect the leaders of the land. In just a matter of days the course of this great land will rest in the hands of not the politicians of the land, but in the hands of the people themselves–the people willing to go and vote their convictions.

Spiritual leaders of all stripes are calling our nation to prayer. Pleading with believers, young and old alike, to seek the face of God for His blessing on our land especially in the selection of our leaders for tomorrow. No other act demonstrates our dependence upon the sovereignty and providence of God more than humble prayer.

As I prayed about how to lead my church to pray I felt pulled in all directions by pundits on every side. Some believe our nations stands at a historic crossroads and that the dream of America sits on the brink of destruction. Others believe that we are on the right course, but it took us a long time to get into this mess and it will take us a long time to get out. I don’t know if you believe the sky is falling or not, but I believe our hope for the future rests not in Washington nor Austin but in heaven. I believe we need a fresh and powerful movement of the Kingdom of God in our day.

Out of this deep conviction I have drafted a prayer guide for these 40 days around the themes and principles in the “Sermon on the Mount.” I believe in many ways this sermon was the inaugural address of King Jesus over his followers. In this classic sermon Jesus casts his vision of tomorrow. Some have suggested that the fulfillment of this vision could only happen in the day after Jesus takes complete control of our world, but I believe it was his call to act for today–for the world we live in.

In light of this conviction, I believe it is fitting in this historic hour for believers to pray down the Kingdom of God over our land. Let me encourage you to join us in this petition that at least will mold and shape our hearts.

“(Jesus) He began to teach them, saying…” (Matthew 5:2 NIV)

“Lord Jesus, speak to our hearts and teach us to live like citizens of the Kingdom of heaven. Use us to expand the reach of your Kingdom.”

As we begin this journey listen closely as Jesus seeks to speak life into your heart and mind. The Kingdom of God begins at the feet of Jesus. Only in response to His voice do we become the people of God on mission. Jesus knew the most powerful force in the world is not an armed terrorist. The most powerful force in the world is a teacher proclaiming the words of truth send down from heaven. May our nation hear the voice of our LORD and follow Him completely.

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