James Semple: A Texas Baptist

This afternoon I heard the sad news for Texas Baptists that one of our giants went home to glory. Dr. James Semple passed away on July 22 after a long battle with esophageal cancer. When the news sank in my mind raced to a handful of conversations I had with Dr. Semple over recent years that shaped and changed my life as a leader.

One of my favorite sayings attributed to Dr. Semple is:

“You cannot run a revolution on spare time and spare change.”

He had an amazing gift for cutting to the chase and getting to the point. Dr. Semple was far more than a simple man–he stood tall as a man of God noted for his character, courage and leadership. He will be greatly missed.


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3 responses to “James Semple: A Texas Baptist

  1. As you know I had the privilege of being Dr. Semple’s associate during most of his years at the BGCT. While many in the convention branded him a “fundie” because he would always insist on including everyone on committees and boards, he was anything but a “fundie”., Dr. Semple was a true conciliator. He would always look for the solutions that would best bring people together. I was blessed to have worked with him and know that he now enjoys what he preached about for all those years.

  2. JND

    I’m reasonably sure he wasn’t the first to say it, but he was the first I heard say it: “A proof text without a context is nothing but a pretext.”
    I was a member at FBC Paris when he arrived in 1963 and when he departed in 1989. I can assure anyone, he was no Fundamentalist.

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