Spring Forward

You can thank or curse Benjamin Franklin when you lose an hour of sleep this Saturday night because of “Daylight savings” time. Thinking ahead way back in 1784, Ben Franklin conceived of this idea of capturing the “sunlight” by changing the clocks while staying in Paris. It took decades for his idea to take root, but now all across our land people submit to the rite of springtime.

 Since the implementation of “daylight savings” time millions of dollars may have been saved through the reduced use of electricity and interestingly enough the crime rate drops during this time of the year. The extra hour of sunlight in the evening makes for long summer nights and extra time of family fun and enjoyment. There is nothing quite like having an extra hour of sunlight after work for a long walk in the Franklin mountains or catching a few holes of golf.

 Remember these benefits this Sunday morning when you struggled to get out of bed to make it to church on time. (If you need to, feel free to catch up on your sleep during my sermon. Whenever I see someone doze off during my message I am at least thankful they are getting something out of the message…a few moments of sleep.) Even God said the Sabbath was to be a “day of rest.”

 I love the way God created the rhythms of our world—“winter, spring, summer, and fall” tells the story of life year after year. Spring unveils the wonderful mystery of life all around us. The sights and sounds of springtime bring joy to the heart—the chirping of birds and the budding of flowers teach us that the winter of death does not have the last word.

 Is it any wonder Jesus emerged from the grave in the springtime holding in His nail-scarred hands the keys of death and hell. As we begin the adventure of springtime I pray it will remind us, young and old alike, that life wins—light drives out the darkness—love conquers hate.

 Let me close with one of my favorite “springtime” text. I treasure the words of Paul who wrote:


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV)

 The next time you take a good long look in the mirror remind yourself that you are a “new creation” in Christ. If you look close at your heart and soul you can see His fingerprints all over you. Where there had been fear and doubt, He has created within you a “peace that passes all understanding” and a “faith” that can move mountains.

 Where your soul bore the wounds of guilt and shame, His mercy and forgiveness have transformed your deep wounds into the “scars of grace”—the marks of wounds that have healed. Where despair grips your soul to drag you under, His hope has placed your feet on the “rock” and He has placed on your lips the sweet song of salvation.

 So this Saturday night when you begin the ritual of “springing forward” smile and enjoy the reminder of the power of love and life!


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