Open Door for Texas Baptists

Yesterday Dr. David Hardage began his work as the Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Under David’s leadership I believe great days lie ahead.

As Marv Knox noted in his article about Hardage, David does not come into this post with all the answers, but he will tackle this assignment like every other opportunity God has placed before him. He will pray, listen, work hard, and will seek to lead us from His heart for our Lord and for the great state of Texas.

In his address to the troops, David called on the Executive Board staff to open their doors and open their hearts to all Texas Baptists. David wants the Baptist building to be a place where every Texas Baptist pastor and layperson feels welcome and invited. His door is open, but I don’t believe David is going to sit and wait on people to make their way to Dallas. No, David will be out knocking on your door, and sitting down over a cup of coffee in your hometown to listen to your heart about how we can and will reach this state for Christ.

Great leaders don’t have all the answers, but they help their organizations discover the answers together. We need leaders who listen to those on the front lines before making strategic moves rather than sending out orders from some lofty perch in relative safety.

Pray for David. Talk to David. Give him time to get his feet under him and learn the lay of the land, but most of all be busy in the work God has called you to. The BGCT is not a building in Dallas, it is you and me working together for the glory of God. So let’s get to work.


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