Too Close to Home

This afternoon I received a text from my wife Robyn. She is currently taking classes at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is working hard toward earning a degree in French.

Today in class her instructor informed the class that one of her classmates was gunned down late Tuesday night on the streets of Juarez less than an hour after leaving class.

The creeping darkness of the senseless violence in Juarez continues to cast a sinister shadow over our community. I can only imagine how the cries of the people are touching the heart of our LORD in heaven.

Greed, violence, and hatred continue to take its toll on our community. Pray for the light to shine into the darkness and for the violence to cease.

The Lord spoke to the leaders of Israel through Jeremiah the prophet saying:

15 “Does it make you a king
to have more and more cedar?
Did not your father have food and drink?
He did what was right and just,
so all went well with him.
16 He defended the cause of the poor and needy,
and so all went well.
Is that not what it means to know me?”
declares the LORD.
17 “But your eyes and your heart
are set only on dishonest gain,
on shedding innocent blood
and on oppression and extortion.”

The LORD blesses those who take up the cause of the poor and needy. May we join their number in this day of evil.


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