Border Violence: Pray for your Enemies

As a new resident of El Paso, I am learning every day new lessons about living on the Border of the United States and Mexico. Since my arrival just weeks ago the sights and sounds of violence confront me on a daily basis.

A couple of weeks ago the bullets struck the  El Paso city hall fired from an AK47 from across the river. These bullets were strays from a gun battle on the streets of Juarez. The city hall sits less than a mile from the facilities of the church I lead and serve.

A few weeks ago a  teenager who was throwing rocks at a border patrol agent was shot and killed on the Mexico side of the river.

Last week a car bomb when off in an attack on the authorities in Juarez.

Just an hour ago CNN reported:

(CNN) — A graffiti message on a wall in Juarez, Mexico, warns of a car bombing if U.S. authorities do not look into alleged ties between Mexican federal police and drug traffickers, a police spokesman said Monday.

“Yes, another ‘narcopinta’ was spray-painted on a primary school wall Sunday night,” Jacinto Seguro, a spokesman for the Juarez Municipal Police, told CNN, using the Spanish-language name for the message. “It threatens another car bombing in 15 days if the DEA and FBI don’t investigate the federal police ties to El Chapo.”

To top things off, one of the mission leaders in my church asked us to pray in staff meeting for the president of a seminary in Juarez who was threatened by a cartel to either pay up or his family would be victims of violence. Currently the president has resigned his post, and his family is in hiding.

Living in the valley of the shadow of death strikes fear in the heart and rattles the nerves. I am thankful that the LORD reminds us that we have nothing to fear because HE IS WITH US!

Pray for the Border. Pray for those behind the senseless violence that God will turn their hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.

I am increasingly convinced “Jesus is the Answer”–the only Answer!



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2 responses to “Border Violence: Pray for your Enemies

  1. Barbara Rodgers

    Your Wednesday night message about forgiveness really spoke to my heart tonight. I got the part about the scars being there from healed wounds.

  2. Arelee

    While I do not want to downplay the terrible violence that is occurring in Mexico, I am troubled by one phrase from your entry. The phrase, ” . . . the sights and sounds of violence confront me on a daily basis,” makes it sound like you are dodging bullets in the church parking lot. I love this city. I have lived here all my life. Years ago, I would get questions from people outside the city asking if I rode my horse work. The misconceptions about life in El Paso were many. However, once at a rest stop just outside of town, I met a lady who was planning on sleeping in her car at the rest stop because she feared the gun battles in the streets of El Paso at night. That troubled me. Jokes about tumbleweeds and dirt roads I can handle. However, I do not want others to think that El Paso is a violent and unsafe place to live. We have been ranked by CQ Press as the 2nd Safest City in America among cities of more than 500,000. My prayer is that we stay that way and that our security can be transferred to our sister city of Juarez.

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