The Tension

Recently I read in the Baptist Standard a letter to the editor from a youth minister in Bangs. He wrote:

If we are going to go around and ask churches to stop using or associating with the BGCT or SBC because of homosexuality, then we should ask every church that has people living in sin to do the same. Somehow, I do not feel many churches would be left.

We are all broken people. We all need the grace of God to fall upon us. If we want to change people’s lives, we must let them in and teach them. I just don’t want us Christians to pick and choose which sin is “worthy” of discipline. If we continue to do this, we will lose contact with those who really need to hear and see Jesus’ teachings lived out.

Seth Pitman


As I read his reflections, there was so much I resonated with in his thoughts and perspective. Without doubt the gospel of Jesus is the hope for our nation. He is so right, our churches need to be safe places for all who struggle regardless of the nature of their sin.

I would also add that we must remember that the real issue at hand is not the selection of a “sin” that defines fellowship, but rather the “redefining of sin” especially when it come to spiritual leadership. Clearly all  sin is serious. However, when a church, theologian, or movement “redefines” what the Scriptures teach about a sin or practice a serious boundary has been crossed with the potential of very serious consequences.

The tension between the holiness of God and the grace of God forces the followers of Jesus to minister with their eyes fixed on God’s righteousness and the brokenness of people. Broken people need the Lord, and they need the truth–because as Jesus said, “If you continue in my words, you will be my disciples indeed, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31


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