Texas Hope 2010–Four days to go!

A little less than two years ago, Dr. Randel Everett, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas challenged the Texas Baptists to share the gospel with every man, woman and child in Texas while striving to make sure every hungry person in Texas would know where their next meal would come from by Resurrection Sunday 2010. These  goals appeared to many to be impossible goals–possibly even insane. Yet, Texas H0pe 2010 became the rally cry across the state for many of us.

This big hairy bodacious goal challenged me and my church to do things that were off the radar for us. Since Randel called us to action, we have prayer walked every street in our city more than once. We have sent prayer teams to knock on the door of practically every house in Canyon. We are delivering the Texas Hope 2010 CD’s as a means of planting seeds of the gospel. This Saturday we will send out teams to make a final push toward reaching our goal. Vision does make a difference.

Texas Hope 2010 has changed the conversation among Baptists across the state. Don’t get me wrong we still have issues that divide us, and we are an extreme diverse people, but our hearts beat as one when it comes to sharing Jesus and meeting human need. Who can argue that our heart beat ought to be evangelism and compassion, it seems to me that these priorities were the same priorities Jesus instilled into His devoted followers.

So in the next four days will we accomplish our Texas Hope 2010 goal? Probably not, but I can assure you that we are better off for attempting the impossible, and doing all that we have done. It is my prayer that Texas Hope 2010 will only be the beginning of a new day in Texas Baptist life. A day colored with a creative passion to do whatever it takes to reach our state and to touch the world.

Thank you Randel for your leadership. Your vision from above has inspired us to a better people for the glory of God.



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4 responses to “Texas Hope 2010–Four days to go!

  1. I know of a great many churches that have joined this effort. I cannot but believe God will somehow bless this tremendous endeavor with a harvest of souls, if the churches will continue to do follow up activity. I’ll bet your folks have been greatly blessed by participating in this greaty task.

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  3. David,
    I am grateful for your example to me and to Texas Baptists. We are in the process of making 10000 home visits in Georgtown. I am seeing results that I know are directly related to the effort. Perhaps the most obvious result has been the spiritual growth of members who have participated. I see them gaining confidence and courage and forming lifelong habits of sharing Jesus.
    Dan Wooldridge

  4. As our president, I am proud that you led your church to take such on such challenging goals — good for you.

    Here in Bogata, Tx., at FBC, here is what we did for Texas Hope 2010: Several people had the vision to do more than just pass out the BGCT DVDs. So we got together, prayed about it, talked about what would work best here, and came up with an Outreach Campaign we called “First Loves Bogata.” It involved going to every house in Bogata and delivering the BGCT DVD, a high-quality NIV Bible, a Bible Book mark, the plan of salvation, and a FBC info brochure. We also decided not to merely leave the items, but to knock on the door, get to know the people, and do a ministry survey, find prospects, and ask what prayer requests they might have.

    Our town has about 1,400 people and about 550 homes. We wrapped up the campaign with what we called “Bogata Fest” on Saturday, April 3. It was an Easter Celebration celebrating our outreach efforts and going one step further to share Christ with people and connect people to our church. We did it in the City Park in Bogata, Tx, and had between 500 and 600 people attend! We passed out witnessing tracts, church brochures, prayer cards, took prayer requests, did an easter egg hunt, had lots of free food, Live Christian music, games ans activities for all ages, a bounce house, and lots more. The best news is that we had people in church on Easter Sunday as a direct result of the Bible project and Bogata Fest. It was a success and allowed us to proclaim the Lord in a creative way. PTL for all HE means to the world!

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