A Paramount Story about Helping Haiti

On Sunday, January 17th the Texas Baptist Men were preparing to be deployed to go to Haiti to provide water purification systems for the people struggling in the aftermath of last week’s earthquake. By faith they were ready to go even though they were $60,000 short in paying for the equipment.

Meanwhile, Paramount Baptist Church gathered for worship as usual, but this was not going to be a normal Sunday. Pastor Gil Lain and the leaders of the church decided to do something quite out of the ordinary. They decided to give away Sunday morning’s offering to help the people of Haiti through the efforts of the Texas Baptist Men. They made this decision even though they were running $140,000 behind their budget. Disaster relief is a passion for the people of Paramount, so this act of sacrifice was quite within their DNA.  When the offering was collected and counted, the people gave over $62,000.

A call was made to the Texas Baptist Men’s headquarters to report the news. God is good. God revealed himself on Sunday through Gil Lain and the sacrificial generosity of his people. One group moved ahead in faith while another group gave by faith and together God is glorified in the midst of a tragedy.


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