124th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas

I write this journal entry with a heart deeply humbled by the honor of getting to serve the Baptist General Convention of Texas for a second term as president. At times I have to pinch myself just thinking about the amazing opportunities afforded me this past year, and the opportunities and challenges just over the horizon.

This past year exceeded all my expectations. It was a joy to serve with Carolyn Strickland and Bobby Broyles. I don’t know two people who love the work of our convention anymore than they do. It was also a thrill to work with Randel Everett. He is so creative and passionate about our work together. He always seems to be two or three steps ahead of all of us as he leads us to accomplish our Kingdom assignment. Let me share my mental image of my job as president from the world of football, when it comes to Dr. Everett. I believe he is the quarterback, and I am a pulling offensive guard. I try to create the holes and clear the way for him to get us across the goal line.

This is going to be an exciting year for us as Texas Baptists. Ed Jackson and John Ogletree will be fun to work with this year. They both bring expertise, leadership and vision to their post. They will stretch us and challenge to do more together than we have done before.

I must admit I was disappointed by the low number of messengers at the annual meeting in Houston, but I believe it was a wonderful meeting. (Of course I assumed the low numbers were due to the confidence the people had in me! Just kidding).

Jeane Law and the COCB did an incredible job of planning the meeting. The local arrangements people were on top of every detail. The BGCT communications team work long and tirelessly to make it all come together without a hitch. Of course, everything was flying by me at warp speed, but I sensed that the spirit of the convention was high, and the people did get a chance to visit with felt like fresh winds were blowing. I was particularly moved by the challenge by George Mason to stop choosing sides!

In the coming days as I am able to gain more perspective, I will write more about my impressions and thoughts. It is still a blur to me, but I had a sense the whole time I was part of something much bigger than myself.


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4 responses to “124th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas

  1. Terry Williams

    You did an awesome job in Houston. I appreciate all that you have done this past year and look forward to what will happen in the coming year.

    Terry Williams
    Perryton, Texas

  2. Bruce McGowan

    David……Thanks for the vision you have of all Texas Baptist working together with a Kingdom vision of the state and world. Your steadfast labor of love for the Kingdom sake is encouraging and refreshing. Blessings to you and your family as you seek to bring all Texas Baptist together.
    bruce mc.

  3. doug

    I have offered and it is still open feel free to plan an upcomong annual meeting here in Laguna Park. Our sanctuary seats 260 crowded. If we do not finally come to terms with the lack of relevance that status quo has gotten us we will fit by 2011. I think a nice covered dish meal and some of our folks can open their spare bedrooms for the folks coming in. It will be just like the 1950’s aand everyone can reminisce about the good old days. We must embrace the hardest idea. Our churches are the only way to reach the lost and the convention must support that not vice versa.

  4. Doug,

    As you know we will take the convention on the road next year to McAllen. I appreciate you keeping your offer to come to Laguna Park open to us.

    I totally agree with you that the front line is the local church and always will be. I suspect there are other hard realities we must also come to grips with in the days ahead like these re-visioning needed to embrace a “post-denominational world,” a vision bold and broad enough to challenge a new generation of leaders, and new fresh ideas in the areas of cooperation and collaboration.

    Even though there is part of me that would like to turn back the clock to the good ol’ days when life was much less complicated, and the speed of life was slower. I am looking forward to what the future holds.

    I appreciate the work you are doing in Laguna Park, and for the work you did on our Executive Board. Thanks for challenging us to be take a hard look at the future.

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