Less Talk

Robyn and I just thought we were tired as we made our way through the DFW airport to catch our connecting flight home from Louisville and the Southern Baptist Convention. We had spent three days attending various convention meetings and participating in a number of what seemed at the time to be important decisions. I had just finished a length mobile phone call to a friend debating with him about a course of action on a controversial matter facing our convention when we arrive at gate B 10 for our flight to Amarillo.

Much to our surprise and with great joy, we heard familiar voices of a group of friends welcoming our arrival. It was our tired and weary mission team returning from India. I could immediately tell from the smiles on their faces that they had been part of something much bigger than themselves. In spite of having been traveling for well over twenty-four hours, these ladies radiated with the glow of the Spirit of God. They had been busy changing the world!

This surprise airport encounter vividly reminded me of the huge difference between talking and doing. Jesus did not call us to “talk about” the Great Commission to change the world into His image. Jesus called us to “go” and do the Great Commission.

This year at the Southern Baptist Convention, the messengers voted to align our churches with what is being called “The Great Commission Resurgence.” A call and mandate for the SBC to once again make the “main thing the main thing.” For our small mission team to India they were doing it while we were talking about it. To put it bluntly, I believe it is time “to put up—or shut up!”


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  1. Well said, my friend. Well said.

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