June 4, 1982

Miracles never cease to happen. For me it took just two words to change my life forever—“I Do.” Standing in the presence of God and all my friends and family, with knees shaking and a big lump in my throat, I promised my heart and life to Robyn with two simple words. The greater miracle of the moment was that she returned the promise with a big smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

The miracle of marriage changed my life for better, not for worse, twenty-seven years ago in Dallas. Our journey began with a honeymoon in the hills of Arkansas and has led us through stops in Roanoke, Lewisville, Mabank, Milwaukee, and Canyon. Along the way the LORD filled our wood-paneled station wagon with Kalie, Lorin, Jamie and Madison. It has been an amazing ride, but I suspect the best days are ahead.

Next Saturday June 13th at 2:00 p.m. the tables turn. It will be one of my little girls that will stand before me as a woman ready to experience the miracle of marriage in the arms of her true love. Life flies by too fast. In my rush to make a life and career, I fear I have missed too many of the special moments worrying and chasing after things that really don’t matter much in the end. I hope you can join Robyn and me on this special day as we celebrate another miracle of love.

In 1982, Rocky Balboa had the “Eye of the Tiger” while Hall and Oakes sang about “Maneaters” on the prowl. My hair was longer, and my sideburns nearly touched my chin. Bell bottoms were in, and leisure suits were on their way out (thank goodness!), but one thing was true then and is still true today. Only God can perform the miracle of marriage by making “two into one.”


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