BGCT Presidential Journal 19

Dallas: The Committee on Convention Business (COCB) met this week in Dallas. Mrs. Jeane Law is the chairperson of this year’s committee. The theme for the convention in Houston will be “Texas Hope 2010.” I felt it was important for our convention theme to resonate with our overall mission as a people.

There were two significant decisions or initiations made during this meeting from leaders across the state. One of the most significant will be recommendation from the COCB at this annual meeting. It was the consensus of the committee that the BGCT needs to explore creative and bold moves to improve the attendance and participation at our annual meetings. I know many have had a wide variety of ideas on how to move into the 21st century in terms of our meetings. The COCB will be recommending to the convention that this year’s officers appoint a study committee of our best and brightest minds to come back to the 2011 annual meeting McAllen to propose significant changes to how hold our annual meetings. In this electronic digital age, the study committee will explore all the possibilities open to us to do our work in a more effective and connected way.

In addition, since we are going to the Houston/Galveston area, I have asked some key BGCT leaders to identify at least ten churches that still need help rebuilding and restoring their facilities from the damage done by Hurricane Ike. The idea is that we will do church to church matches and during the week leading up to our annual meeting November 16-17, 2009 that our churches send teams to Houston to help. Much like “Extreme Home Makeover” construction teams from across the state will come to Houston to bring hope and help. As a climax to this “hope project” we will celebrate the work on Monday evening at the convention by a video tribute and a gathering of all the leaders and workers from the churches who make “Texas Hope 2010” much more than a motto, but a reality. Remember we less than six months from November, so let’s get to work!

I also want you to know that the Bill Glass Evangelistic Association will be sending their complete team to Houston to lead a major evangelistic effort in the prisons. We are hoping and praying that we will see several thousand men and women give their hearts and lives to Jesus during the days leading up the convention. One of the most fertile fields for sharing good news in Texas is our massive prison system. In a sense we have a captured audience of the Father’s prodigal sons and daughters, who long for a word hope. It’s my prayer that when we leave Houston on November 17th that we will leave it with more hope than when we arrived.

Let me encourage you to make the trip to Houston, and if you live in the greater Houston area to participate in this year’s convention and the events around the meeting. I believe fresh winds are blowing. We are entering a day of when we need every one at the table, but more importantly at work in the fields.



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3 responses to “BGCT Presidential Journal 19

  1. Will there be someone to help coordinate small churches? For instance, my church may only be able to send 1-2 people to be of service.



  2. Tim,

    Yes, I hope to see us create some partnership between the churches helping and those needing help. This idea was launched on Thursday, I hope sometime next week we will see details coming together.

    Thanks for your interest. I am going to be working with some leaders in my church, if we can pull a team together we would love to have you join us.

    David Lowrie

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