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BGCT Presidential Journal 3

On the BGCT presidential front I had extremely busy week at my “day job” as pastor of FBC Canyon, and a relatively slow week on the convention front. Like history has taught over and over again fighting on two fronts for change can be very difficult and taxing. One of the greatest challenges I have discovered in this role as president revolves the constant struggle for balance. Making choices between the good and the best are the order of the day and I fear too often the best for my wife and daughters is where I have failed. Saying “no” has never been my strong suit. I rose to leadership in ministry driven by the insanity of trying to please all the people all the time. In recent years I am seeking to hear the voice of “one” and seeking to please the Lord by seeking his counsel and guidance above all, but I must confess too often my inner voice for approval, and the cries of the crowd drown out His call.

Two Years Too Late

This week I had a brief conversation with the pastor of a large county seat BGCT church that made the deliberate decision to leave our ranks and to join our Southern Baptist of Texas Convention brothers and sisters. Shortly after my election members of our Executive Board staff had the opportunity to plead our case for cooperation to the congregation as well a leader from the SBTC. I had called the pastor to share my sense that the winds of change were blowing and that much of what concerned him was changing, but before we had a chance to talk his church had already voted and taken action. One of his comments struck a cord with me he said, “I wish you had called two years ago.” I do too.

Meanwhile last week I received news that one of our large flagship churches in the DFW Metroplex voted to dually align with the SBTC. I personally have no fight against the SBTC. I believe their mission like ours is to implement the Great Commission of our Lord, but my deep concern revolves around the brutal facts that we cannot continue to lose churches and do all God has uniquely assigned us to be and do.

My simple plea is this: every one of us who claims to serve under the banner of the BGCT needs to take responsibility for his brothers and sisters. If you know of a leader or church standing on the edge of leaving our ranks for whatever reason, talk to them, listen to their story, and encouraged them to get involve in the solution. If there is a pastor or church that feels like they have no voice in our future tell them to call me or to call Randel Everett. We cannot be passive any longer. If our cause is noble and right and I believe it is, then it is a cause worth the struggle and our active engagement. Tradition will no longer win the day. We must win the hearts of our people with a renewed vision of tomorrow. I believe Texas Hope 2010 sets the tone for who we long to be. It is not a desperate last ditch effort it is a signal call of a new day.


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