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BGCT Presidential Journal 2

I am writing this note from Dallas after a busy couple of days of working with Carolyn Strickland and Bob Broyles. This has been a very productive week, and I am proud of the work we did together.

One of the key roles we have as officers of the Baptist General Convention of Texas is the responsibility to nominee members of a number of key committees. We nominate eight members of the sixteen members of the Committee on Convention Business. We name five to serve on the Committee on Committees by far the most influential committee in Baptist life. We nominate members to the Credentials Committee, Resolutions Committee, and the Memorials Committee. Unlike the Southern Baptist Convention that places the authority for these appointments in the hands of the President alone. The BGCT officers work in concert with each other.

Going into the appointment process it was our commitment to do this work together. We wanted to broaden the tent, and to bring some fresh faces to Baptist life. We wanted the face of these committees to reflect the faces of the BGCT. As you may or may not know, the BGCT is by far one of the most diverse religious organizations in the world. We worship in dozens of languages. We have mega-churches and tiny open country churches. We have fast growing suburban cities, and struggling inner city churches. We have churches in the deep piney woods of East Texas and on the open plains of West Texas.

I am not at liberty to reveal the appointments at this time, but as the names are released I believe you are going to see a mosaic of people whose hearts beat as one for the advancement of the Kingdom in Texas, people for whom Texas Hope 2010 is much more than a slogan, but a lifestyle. Behind closed doors Carolyn, Bobby and I had open and frank discussions. We struggles with some decision, and quickly moved through others. The appointments will not reflect any one of our perceptions of the future, but rather reflect all of us working together with the good of the BGCT at the forefront of our decisions. I learned a lot about myself during these negotiations, but also learned I have a great team to work with in Carolyn and Bobby.

Good days are ahead. Don’t forget to pray at noon every day for Texas Hope 2010!


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Enough to Change the World

Last week I had a brief but very insightful conversation with Bob Roberts, pastor of Northwood Church in Keller, Texas. Bob and I have been friends for over twenty years. Our friendship dates back to when Bob started Northwood, and I was a church planter in Flower Mound. Starting a new church was one of the greatest joys and one of the most difficult struggles of my life. Bob shared the journey with me, and his example inspired me to be at my best. I learn a great deal from watching Bob at work. I especially appreciate his bold abandonment to Kingdom work.

Today Bob is an international leader and his church literally touches the ends of the earth with their ministries and influence. We would all do well to follow his lead in missions and evangelism.

The reason I had called Bob was to visit with him about his relationship with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. In recent years Northwood had invested their mission dollars in their projects around the world, and I hoped to encourage Bob to come join us as we seek to dream new dreams for our work together.

In the course of the conversation Bob began to ask me a series of questions about the BGCT. The dialogue was as follows:

Bob: How many churches do you guys have?

David: Over 5,000 churches

Bob: How many members of those churches?

David: We have over two million on the rolls, but probably closer to a million in active participation.

Bob: How big is your budget?

David: We have over forty million dollars in our budget.

A pause..Bob: You are in position to change the world!

It dawns on me. He’s right! It is hard to move forward looking in the rear view mirror, and it is even harder looking down.

Don’t forget Jesus said to a ragtag handful of disciples and followers on the side of a hill before his ascension to His throne, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me. Therefore go make disciples of ALL NATIONS…” He wasn’t kidding. It’s time to look up and get busy!

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