BGCT Presidential Journal 1


As a forum for dialogue and communication, I am planning to write a BGCT Presidential Journal each week between now and the 2009 BGCT Convention in Houston. I will use these journal entries to share about some of my activities of the week, and observations.

This week I spent two days in Dallas handling convention matters. I had the opportunity to speak to the BGCT staff at the weekly chapel service. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time in worship with those on the front lines of the ministry of our convention. I wish all Texas Baptists had such an opportunity. I came away with a much higher commitment to our common cause and a deep appreciate for the men and women who put heart and hands to our vision. I spoke on “New Wineskins” and challenged us all to be “soft, pliable, and ready to be stretched” by the winds of the Kingdom of God. To do this we need to look at the world around us, listen closely to those speaking to us, learn new lessons, lead from the heart, and love the people. If we are serious about leadership we win the hearts of people with love.

Texas Hope 2010 is more than a slogan for our state staff. They are contributing financially and personally what they are calling the “Jerusalem project”  an effort to provide gospel DVD’s to over 20,000 homes around our BGCT office in East Dallas. This effort encouraged me to go back and to double my efforts at home as well.

I had the opportunity to have lunch with Randel Everett, Steve Vernon, and Chris Liebrum. They shared with me about some exciting developments in our future, and about their efforts to put Texas Hope 2010 in front of our churches. At lunch Steve Vernon led us to pray for the lost and hungry of Texas like we are calling all us to do.

During the afternoon, I made some calls to some key Texas Baptist leaders to encourage their support of Texas Hope 2010. One conversation I will blog on later will be a conversation with Bob Roberts of Northwood Church in Keller. Bob is a long time friend, and mentor. I pray we can learn from his example and heart.

On Thursday, I along with Carolyn Strickland and Bobby Broyles met with the Committee to Nominate Executive Board Members. This meeting was their orientation for their work this year. The spirit in the room was high, and it was good to make new friends. I encouraged them from Isaiah 54 to “lengthen the cords and spread the tent wide.” Pray for them as they do their work.

On Thursday afternoon, I had the opportunity to shot my first video (DVD) spot. I taught a lesson on healthy relationships. This video spot will be part of our efforts to share Texas Hope 2010. A number of Texas Baptist leaders will present different segments of this video series. The series will focus on  Oscar Thompson’s “Concentric Circles.” His wife with the assistance of editors has released again this classic work and a copy of this book will be sent to every Texas Baptist pastor this year to be used in our churches. The training material will be available online and through DVD.  My church will be using this material beginning January 11 as we commit to reach our “Circles of Caring” in Canyon.

Remember Sunday January 11 is our statewide commitment day to Texas Hope 2010. I pray all of us will be part of this great movement of God among Texas Baptists.

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