Strong Coffee

Change is in the air. James Shamburger has announced that he will nominate Ken Coffee for the position of first vice president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. In a new day of “open” conventions, this is good news. Ken Coffee is the kind of quality leader we need in Texas Baptist life. He brings to the table a wealth of knowledge about the ins and outs of convention life and a huge network of relationships. Ken has served our convention well in the past, and if elected he will bring a great combination of history, and passion to the post.

As most who read this blog are aware, Carolyn Strickland will also be nominated for this post. Mrs. Strickland is a wonderful Christian stateswoman, who served along side her husband Phil through many years in leadership in Baptist life.

The real winner in the end will be Texas Baptists.

The important thing much like today in our national election is for people to show up and vote. Apathy is the great enemy in BGCT life. Now more than ever we need our churches to get involved in the process, and to invest their lives not just their money in the mission of our convention—because our mission is still the Great Commission of our LORD!!


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  1. Thanks for this post. Either of these candidates would be a great step forward (and a great compliment to your leadership as President). Personally, I’m partial to Ken.


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