Randel Everett: Chapel of Southwestern

On October 15th President Paige Patterson has invited Dr. Randel Everett, executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, to speak in chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. As a student at Southwestern rarely did I think of chapel as an historic event, but this one will be in many ways. I commend Everett and Patterson for taking this bold step into our future together. I realize I need to be careful to not make too much out of this event, but I am so grateful to see Christian statesmen working on repairing bridges instead of taking the splintered lumber and constructing walls.

The kind of change we need may have to begin with small steps, but I am thankful to see this step forward. I suspect many in Texas Baptist life look back over the last twenty-five years of our history through different eyes. Some celebrate the “Conservative Resurgence”, while others fought it tooth and nail. However, we are not going to claim our future by looking backwards. We must embrace our conflicts, learn from each other, acknowledge our mistakes, and work together for a better tomorrow.


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  1. Small steps are still steps. I understand Randall had lunch with the Exec. at SBTC. Another small step. And of course SWBTS will have a booth at the BGCT meeitng in Ft Worth. These small steps begin to add up to an optimistic view of how we might actually work together to get God-sized things done.

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