Texas Baptist Committed Convocation

I attend the Texas Baptist Committed Convocation yesterday in Dallas. David Currie, the executive director, invited me to come when we were together at the Howard Payne Board meeting last week. Since Bruce Webb has announced that he is going to nominate me from president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT), I felt that it would be good to go to the meeting to learn more about the Texas Baptist Committed (TBC). Those who keep close tabs on BGCT life know the TBC has recently made the decision to no longer publically endorse candidates for office within BGCT life. From my perspective this was a good move for our future. The TBC played a vital role in our convention’s struggles, but we are moving into a new day of denominational life. It’s my hope and prayer that God will help us embrace the future with a renewed vigor and passion, but only time will tell.

From my perspective, the TBC has chosen to take role of guardian of our Baptist heritage, encourager of Baptist distinctive, and behind the scenes encourager of pastors, leaders and the laity to be all God wants us to be. I must admit the meeting was informative and challenging to me in a number of ways. I believe the TBC has much to offer our convention as we move into the future and in some ways I believe their new role will help them build some bridges with those who may not have seen eye to eye with them on some highly charged matters.

When the news that I attended this meeting begins to circulate many may have theories about my motivation or intentions. So let me go on record, I believe if the BGCT is going to embrace its future it is going to take all of us. I believe our leaders need to be represent all the shades and expressions of Baptist life in Texas. The BGCT is a miracle of diversity and cooperation. We are probably one of the most diverse expressions of Christian fellowship on planet earth. I view leadership in basic simple terms. Leadership is about relationships and influence. I worshipped and learned with my TBC brothers and sisters yesterday because they are my brothers and sisters, and I am richer today for having spent the day with them.


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4 responses to “Texas Baptist Committed Convocation

  1. “I believe if the BGCT is going to embrace its future it is going to take all of us.”

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  2. Wade Hood

    One of our members was in attendance as well, and I heard the same, good report from them. I am glad you were there; for I agree it takes all of us. We must come together to fulfill our calling as the body of Christ.

  3. Ken and Wade,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am convince with the Lord’s help. Things are turning for good. We still desperately need the fresh winds of the Spirit to blow among us. As you know “apart from Him we can do nothing”!


  4. Lee

    I wholeheartedly agree that if the BGCT is going to embrace its future, it will take all of us. It was a good move for TBC to back off from endorsing candidates. It was a good move for you to be at the convocation. There is no way we will begin to understand each other unless we can sit down and talk to each other. I am sorry that illness prevented me from attending the convocation. And when we do sit down and talk to each other, we need to do it with the best interests of the BGCT advancing the Kingdom of God in mind, and not our own denominational-political preferences.

    There are still far too many Texas Baptists with the impression that a few “good ole boys”, the same old names and faces, still run the show in spite of a lot of rhetoric about involvement. How can we reach down into the ranks and get new names and faces to take an interest in the convention and its work, and use their talents in the convention’s ministry? It will take officers committed to appointing new faces to committees and boards, and perhaps even some bylaws related to term limits and the number of individuals from the same church who can serve on boards and committees at the same time. We claim a membership of 2.5 million, and an active attendance of 700,000, but we have far too many individuals on more than one board, and far too many individuals who have served on several boards. The more people from different churches and different places who serve the BGCT, the more contact points the convention has for finding gifted individuals who are able and willing to serve.

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