Waste of Time?

Recently I posted on a “Whole New World” in response I had a rather direct comment from “deaconandusher”. He wrote, “The western church will never be evangelistic to the lost. It’s nothing but another Lion’s Club, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club…” I must admit his or her comments are point well taken. There is no question the western church has lost its way on many fronts. So what is the point? Are we simply wasting our time with old wineskins?

The wildfire of the Spirit sweeping the world today burns brightly in the megacities of Asia, on the plains of Africa, and in population centers of South America. The church in the West, whether you are speaking of United States or Western Europe, struggles to embrace the realities of this new century. Although there are sparks of life and change in  some segments of the church much of the church seems to be lost in the 1950’s offering answers to questions no one is asking any more.

So why should I be a prophet to a people trapped behind their stain-glassed windows and tied to their traditions? Is it truly as waste of time? Something deep inside of me screams NO! Why rob the people of God the opportunity to be part of a revolution that could transform their lives and put them on the front lines of changing the world. Granted most will not change, but God always has His people.

Another key reason revolves around the resources and people of the churches of the West. God has invested the financial wealth of His church in the pockets and purses of the Western church. In our bank accounts and reserve funds sits the resources to fund the revolution. It is time to unleash these funds to change the world. I am not taking about handouts or creating dependences among believers in the Third World. I am talking about being full partners in ministry with our brothers and sisters around the world. I am taking about mobilizing the greatest missionary force the world has ever seen.

In the dark days of WWII, the United States funded the movement to stop Nazi Germany and Japan in its tracks. The G.I. Generation went to the factories by the thousands and produced more ships, airplanes, and tanks that one could imagine. For every aircraft shot down in battle ten were ready to replace them. In those days the salvation of the world was fought on bloody battle fields. I believe the struggle of this generation will be waged in the hearts and minds of people. God is raising up a “hero generation” ready and willing to go to the ends of the earth to extend the Kingdom of God, not to colonize the world into Western culture. These young men and women wake up living out their dreams with their eyes wide open. Like David McDonnell who died on a bloody street in Iraq as an IMB missionary there are thousands upon thousands of young men and women ready to go “make disciples of all nations.” I believe the financial resources to stage this revolution are in our hands. It is high time for us to put our money where our mouth is. Lip service will not answer the challenge of today. We must begin playing for keeps.

Is it worth it to speak up and to speak out? I believe the answer is yes. Am I right? Only history will tell.



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6 responses to “Waste of Time?

  1. Bob Roberts, Jr. has an interesting conversation going on at glocal.net.

    Here is an example:


    It seems that the rest of Christendom is doing well without us. My question is, will we really be a help, or will we be a liability?

    Tim Dahl

  2. Tim,

    I too am concerned that we bring more baggage than help often. Much like when we travel our suitcases are heavy with all the things we think we “need”. Jesus’ early followers packed light, and changed the world.

    Obviously our money has not helped us. It probably has hurt us because too much of it was used to satisfy our consumer mentality.

    I hope and pray God has not decided to cut us off like a leg with gangrene. I pray we will once again be a valuable partner in His Great Commission.


    P.S. Thanks for the tip on Bob’s sight. Bob represents the best of who we need to be in Texas and around the world. His “glocal” focus is right on as far as I am concerned.

  3. If it is a waste of time to attempt to motivate the Western church then all preaching/teaching is a waste of time. It is a denial of the power of the Holy Spirit.

    God can and will reach and motivate according to His will and plan. How sad to “write-off” a group of people as “deaconandusher” appears to have done (sounds like part of the problem – not the solution).

  4. I’m not sure, but I’m becoming more so. It seems that we really need a change of how we do things. We aren’t the world’s last great hope for missions. It seems that we’ve done more harm than good in some areas. As a consequence, God is doing great things…just without us. Christianity is exploding in some of the most unlikely places, without us.

    I think that P-Poet is right. “God can and will reach and motivate according to His will and plan.” Amen! I think we may have gotten confused as to what our part to play is/was.

    Tim Dahl

  5. Some of us have been saying for years that the torch has passed from the Americas to other nations. God is going to do what He is going to do, whether or not we decide to join Him. I still believe it is worth trying to get people to join Him. Great post, David.

  6. T-Bar

    I wrote an article about David McDonnall…the link spell’s his name incorrect…but, its correct in the story. Thanks for helping to honor his memory.


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