A Singing Lesson

This past weekend our church had the honor of hosting all seven chapters of the “Singing Women of Texas”. These choirs are a music ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Each region chapter has its own director, choir, and mission. I believe once a year they convene for a combined concert and weekend. We hosted over 220 women from all over the state up in the Panhandle of Texas. It was amazing to see how far they were willing to come to sing and worship together.

The choirs were made up of women of all ages. There were young “girls” in their 20’s and there were a large number of “grandmothers”. At one point during the combined concert I closed my eyes and let the harmony, and majesty of the music wash over me as these women lifted their hearts and voices toward heaven. During the concert we experience all kinds of music from classical, to contemporary. The woman sang gospel music and the historic hymns of the faith. The concert expressed the broad scope of the Christian experience.

In many ways these women set the example for how we need to cooperate together as we seek to expand the Kingdom. Each woman lent her voice to the music individually yet her voice blended in with all the other voices in harmony to produce music that reached to the throne room of God. We could learn a lesson from this example. Each of us have a voice and a part to play, but the power of our music comes when we join our voices together in harmony under the direction of one conductor—the Lord Jesus. Too often as Texans we take our desire for individuality and independence to an extreme and we lose the power of working together. Granted each of us has personal responsibility, but we are all interdependent on each other.

Recently I have been teaching through the Lord’s Prayer and it struck me that Jesus taught us to pray “Give us this day our daily bread…forgive us our sins as we forgive everyone indebted to us”. Jesus taught us to pray in the “plural”. Daily He wanted us to be reminded we are in this together.

I am pretty good at making a “joyful noise” unto the Lord, so may not want to stand too close to me in the choir, but it is an honor to sing with you to our King.



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2 responses to “A Singing Lesson

  1. Some say they cannot carry a tune. However, it is not true. Anyone can carry a tune and all of us in Christ have a song in our heart. “In my heart there rings a melody…there rings a melody of love.” I can carry that tune, but there are times when we need to unload it. That’s when some of us run into problems.

  2. Graydon

    A lot of the Bible is plural.

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