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Welcome Aboard Randel!

The ol’ BGCT ship has a new captain at the helm. Dr. Randel Everett was elected by the Executive Board to serve as the Executive Director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Dr. Everett will assume his post in April, and has big job on his hands.

During the course of the day, Dr. Everett fielded a number of questions. A number of his answers were posted on the Baptist Standard website. I was particularly impressed with his answer to the question about where he stood on the issue of denominational loyalty. His response was priceless:

“Some want to know if I’m an SBC guy or a CBF guy or a BWA guy. I hope you’ll come to the conclusion I’m a Jesus guy,”

You have to admit that is a great answer. It does not necessary answer the question, but it would be a good place for all of us to start. At the heart, I believe all of us are “Jesus’ people.” I hope and pray Dr. Everett is trying to send a message to us that “politics as usual” will out of place in the next chapter in our history.

As Dr. Everett steps aboard our ship he will soon realize the ol’ ship is taking on water. Rearranging chairs on the deck will be a grand waste of time if we don’t adjust our course, and seal up the seeping leaks in the hull.

Jesus knows a bit about boats taking on water at sea. Jesus knows what it is like to find himself among a crew in full panic mode but rarely did it cause him to lose sleep. As “Jesus’ people” let’s look to our Lord to calm the storms on the horizon and to guide us to be the people we were created to be in the days ahead.

Welcome aboard Randel, the ol’ ship is not what it once was, but let’s catch the winds of the Spirit and see where the Lord can take us in the years ahead.


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