New Day Dawns!

Today the BGCT Executive Director Search Committee announced that they will recommend Dr. Randel Everett of FBC Newport News, VA to be the next Executive Director of our state convention. I suspect for most of us he was not one who was on the radar screen. He may come as a surprise to most, but I pray we will rally behind him.

I know very little about him, but those who do have great confidence in his abilities, integrity, skills, and leadership. We have prayed the Lord would raise up a leader for this hour, and Dr. Everett now stands before us as that leader. The fact he comes from outside the system could work for or against him. The fact that he is relatively unknown to many Texas Baptists could have much the same effect. The thing I like most about him without knowing him is the fact that he said “YES” to a “God-sized”, “Texas-sized” challenge. I am willing to get behind someone who is willing to charge hell with a squirt gun if that is what the LORD wants him to do.

Restoring trust is a two way street. I believe this will be job one for him on many fronts, but we can help him out by trusting him now. I know trust must be earned at certain levels, but I don’t see any immediate advantage in taking a wait and see approach. I think it is time for us to put him at the top of our prayer lists and rally behind him. He is God’s man for this hour, but the task ahead of us will demand a total team effort. Dr. Everett can count on me and my church today, and I pray you will join me. I believe the winds of change are blowing among us and bright days are ahead.

I appreciate Ken Hugghins and his committee for their work.

Remember “we can do more together”–let’s make this motto a reality in the days ahead.



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5 responses to “New Day Dawns!

  1. David,
    You are a spiritual giant my brother. You just grew ten feet taller in my eyes. I agree with you with my whole heart. I can tell you that I have had an opportunity to learn an enormous amount about Randel. He has a reputation as a soul winner, Roy Fish has endorsed him and has spent much time in prayer with him in days gone by. He lives and breathes missions. He is an excellent preacher with vast amounts of Scripture committed to memory. He has a great record cross culturally and cross generationally. I could go on and on. There is no one we could have selected who will not have their critics. I simply ask that we behave like family. Randel is my brother in Christ, and I will do everything I can to help our convention toward a bright future.
    Dan Wooldridge

  2. Lee

    I agree with both of you. Dr. Everett will inherit the leadership of a state convention that has seen a $2 million drop in income in just one year, 7% below a budget that was cut back 5% from the previous year, and the wake of everything related to Valleygate. He needs our prayers and our support.

    However, I must say that I am somewhat disappointed that the search committee passed up a chance to pick up some steam with regard to unifying the BGCT. It appears that Dr. Everett’s qualifications fall in line with the traditional Baptist “pedigree” that has been used in the past. In spite of pleas from Texas Baptists to avoid strong associations with one side or the other of the Baptist “war,” they chose a candidate who leans very heavily toward the BWA, CBF and the BGAV, all of those very distinctively moderate, with virtually no real ties to the SBC. I know there had to be several equally qualified candidates in the same regard who would have bridged that gap much better. I sincerely hope that Dr. Everett will take the intitiative, when he comes to the BGCT, to step away from Baptist politics, and put some distance between himself and the perception that being closely associated with solidly moderate organizations creates, and make a point to reach out to those in the BGCT who feel disenfranchised and ignored.

  3. spiritualsamurai


    Please do your home work. This man is not up to the challenge. Talk to him yourself. The last time I talked to him was just I has just broken with the fundamentalists. I think you will find he is very out of step with Texas Baptists and the attempt to bring him as our executive director is just another move by the elitists who want a puppet.

  4. Lee,

    Thank you for your comments. I intend to blog on the issue of the budget in the coming days. I agree with you completely Dr. Everett has been set up for a major crisis in the area of finances, and the situation will not get much better if he is perceived to be a strong moderate leader. Our BGCT churches who had connections with the SBC want change and to be included in the power structures of the convention. I hope Dr. Everett will strongly encourage our BGCT officers to fill the study committee mandated by the last convention with a strong majority of BGCT/SBC leaders and new faces. This would send a clear indication that we will not be dealing with business as usual.

    Concerning your desire and my desire for a leader more closely aligned with the values of many of our conservative churches, I believe in the light of our current situation that we need to be pleased, and committed to help Dr. Everett succeed. The Search Committee was a blend of good people. I believe they want what is best for our convention, but they were trapped in a very difficult situation. The power structures and values of the BGCT over the past 20 years have been strongly moderate. Fundamentalist continue to create a cloud of fear and suspicion. Interpreting the last convention in Amarillo was a test for even an OT prophet. Was it a Panhandle fluke? Do those of us who have started the movement to bring the BGCT back toward the SBC churches in our convention mean business? Do we have what it takes to broaden the tent and to get the majority of our churches to send messengers to the convention to establish meaningful change? Is the TBC still the moral/values conscience of the convention or have winds of change truly began to blow?

    In light of these uncertainties I believe they made a wise choice. Dr. Everett can work with the present power structures (i.e…TBC, CBF leaders). However, if Dr. Fish is right about him, and I trust Dr. Fish, Dr. Everett has a Kingdom view can embrace the values of the “constructive conservatives” among us. If Dr. Everett is pragmatic, and practical it will be a “no brainer”. He will realize that 90% of the resources come from BGCT/SBC churches. He will realize that his two top giving churches and their pastors are strong SBC guys (Green Acres/FBC Midland). He will see that we must stop the financial drain immediately or we will severely compromise our ability to do what God has called us to do.

    In light of these realities, those of us we want to see meaningful change need to step up the plate immediately. We need to show him we are friends, not foes. We need to prove by our actions that our agenda is Kingdom First, not control.

    The ball is in our court. We can help him and our convention succeed, or we can throw stones and suspicion and allow this great Kingdom enterprise to die a slow, agonizing death. I choose to get behind him, and to fan the winds of change.


  5. Dear David,

    Thank you for your thoughts on Dr. Everett. I wish that I had the opportunity to know him personally as you do. I admit I am going on second hand information and a “gut” feeling. According to my sources, Dr. Roy Fish highly recommended Dr. Everett. If you know Dr. Fish and I suspect you do, then you know Dr. Fish is one of the finest leaders from my dad’s generation. His fire for evangelism is unmatched. If Dr. Fish vouches for him that speaks volumes in my book.

    Secondly, if the CBF website is accurate FBC Newport News is not a member of the CBF of Virginia, nor was Columbia Baptist Church. So when he had opportunity to lead his congregation that way he apparently did not. His ties to the BWA may concern some, but I don’t think this is a hill to die on in BGCT life.

    Thirdly, I believe the committee prayerfully sought God’s man. I believe they took into account the winds of change that are blowing. I hope and pray as we get to know Dr. Everett we will discover a uniquely gifted leader after lineage of Dr. Pinson.

    I suspect David you have realized over this past year, that I tend to trust first. One of my biblical heroes is Barnabus. I hope I will have the impact he had in the lives of those around me.

    Thank you for your thoughts and your friendship.


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