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During this Christmas season my mind has been drawn toward the incredible humility displayed by Jesus. None of us can fathom what Jesus gave up to become a man, better yet an infant born in a messy stable. Imagine closing your eyes in the throne room of the Kingdom of heaven and opening your eyes to the stark reality of living on planet earth.

Paul shared with the Phillipians that Jesus “became nothing” or others have translated “emptied himself” and took on the flesh and blood of a servant ( a common ordinary bond slave). What stirred in the heart of Jesus that enabled him to humble himself and “become nothing” for the glory of God, and for our salvation.

Most of us aspire to become “someone” while Jesus chose the path to become “nothing”. Did He know something about life that we fail to see. In a our pursuit of significance and importance do we lose living in His image while we grasp making a name for ourselves.

As I enter my 48th year I have to admit I am struggling with my midlife crazies. I am spending too much time concerned about measuring up and keeping up. I need a good dose of reality from Jesus’ perspective. True spiritual power rests upon those who learn to be “nothing” so the purposes of God can be accomplished serving the Lrod with great abandonment.

Sunday my family and I had the opportunity to worship with First Baptist Church of Dallas. (My wife Robyn grew up in this great church and was baptized by W.A. Criswell, so this was a trip back down memory lane for her). What Texas Baptist pastor has not dreamed of preaching from the pulipit that great heroes like George Truitt and W.A. Criswell preached from? Joel Gregory chased this dream to his own demise. As I looked around at the trappings and the grandeour of this great house of worship I looked back over my ministry with suspect. Where did I go wrong? Ego often distracts worship. Then O.S. Hawkins turned to the text of Revelation 1, and took us to the rocky island of Patmos with John who was in the “Spirit” on the Lord’s Day. At the close of his journey this “disciple that Jesus loved” found himself in exile, but not alone. The One who claimed “nothingness” as His own met John in all His power and glory. Simple lesson: Pay attention David–it is about me not you. It’s about my Kingdom not yours. Joy comes to those who learn to bow down and worship the King.

I am be a slower learner, but at least I am paying attention!

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