The Unseen World of Thanksgiving

“If you’re miserable with ten dollars, you’ll be miserable with a million dollars”—Michael Begin, certified financial planner

During my recent research on the topic of contentment I stumbled across this quote from Michael Begin. His comment spoke about the world of instant money, especially Lottery winners who believe falsely that money can buy happiness.

I believe Begin has uncovered a key aspect about life—especially life in affluent America. Our well-being has less to do with how much we hold in our hands, but rather “who” holds us in His hands. Financial security has less to do with the bottom line, and more to do with living a life of trust and contentment.

Thanksgiving can often feed the wrong side of the heart and mind. Too often the focus off Thanksgiving revolves around material blessings like houses, cars, clothes, and other creature comforts which can be provided by money at the neglect of those “heavenly” gifts that are priceless.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!—Paul

2 Cor 9:15 (NIV)

Let me encourage you to thank God this year for things money cannot buy. Let me prime the pump by suggesting just a few. At the top of my list would be what Paul called “the indescribable gift”—Jesus Christ our Lord. I owe my life to the simple truth that “God SO loved the world that he gave his one and only son”. If you robbed me of every gift from above but left me with Jesus—I would have more than enough to find purpose and meaning in my life.

Running a close second would be “amazing grace”. The older I get and the more I stumble along I realize how truly the grace of God is amazing! It staggers my mind that God knows me for who I really am with all my fears and hang ups and He still loves me. We live in such a conditional world that when we try to get our minds around “unconditional love” it simply does not compute. We may not understand it, but it does not make it any less true. God loves you and me and saves us by His grace.

I close with a trio of my favorite gifts from above “peace, love, and joy”. Along the way I have discovered that happiness can be fleeting, but that “peace, love, and joy” remain and sustain me. Peace rocks me to sleep at night. Love inspires me to live life to its fullest, and joy brings a smile to my face and strength to my steps.

This Thanksgiving don’t forget to give thanks for God’s priceless treasures


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